Existential Race Relations; Trees, Percival

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Existential Race Relations; Trees, Percival

Postby Stephen Fox » Wed Sep 29, 2021 1:56 pm

Lot of theory, commentary out there but in real time, Percival Everett, the Novelist is the realist.

From the Sept 2021 New Yorker Review is a reminder of an earlier Short Story

Beneath his work’s ever-changing surface lies an obsession with the instability of meaning, and with unpredictable shifts of identity. In his short story “The Appropriation of Cultures,” from 1996, a Black guitarist playing at a joint near the University of South Carolina is asked by a group of white fraternity brothers to sing “Dixie.” He obliges with a rendition so genuine that the secessionist anthem becomes his own, shaming the pranksters and eliciting an ovation. Later, he buys a used truck with a Confederate-flag decal, sparking a trend that turns the hateful symbol into an emblem of Black pride. The story ends with the flag’s removal from the state capitol: “There was no ceremony, no notice. One day, it was not there. Look away, look away, look away . . .”
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