Andy Stanley baptized Q anon leader and now lynching

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Andy Stanley baptized Q anon leader and now lynching

Postby Stephen Fox » Fri Feb 26, 2021 2:37 pm

Charles Stanley's son Andy baptized Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now his Brown's Bridge Church in Forsyth County, today on facebook recognizes the lynching history of the county in a facebook confession that pictures the Historical marker in Cumming by the Equal Justice Initiative.
Stanley's church three years ago toyed with having Patrick Phillips on site to talk about his book Blood at the Root, about the lynchings. Phillips did in fact come to Berry College in Rome Ga where I talked to him briefly and stayed over that early evening for a citywide reconciliation and harmony event, well attended.
It was in Rome Ga at Higgins Shoe Store on Broad in 1942 the mentor to Marian Anderson, Roland Hayes was beaten three years after she sang at the Lincoln Memorial.
Rome and Floyd County is now in MT Greene's district.

Here is the statement from Brown's Bridge Facebook

We’ve spent time this month celebrating some incredible men and women in Black history and their contributions to our world. But as we look a little closer to home, it’s important to recognize our community’s local Black history.
Thanks to the efforts of the Community Remembrance Project of Forsyth County (CRPFC), a historical marker was installed in downtown Cumming in January to document the site where 24-year-old Rob Edwards was lynched in 1912. Edwards was brutally murdered by a mob of more than 2,000 white residents of Cumming and the surrounding areas. The mob then continued to terrorize Forsyth’s Black residents, burning down churches and homes and causing families to flee in the night with only what they could carry. A generation of wealth and progress that Black residents had established after the abolition of slavery was wiped out.
“The events of 1912 impacted every family that lived in the county immediately and for generations to come,” said Jolie Creuser with CRPFC in an interview with Forsyth County News. She added, “Black families had to start over from nothing—leading to generations of financial disparities that still affect their descendants today. White families lost the opportunity to experience a diverse culture in which to raise their families.”
We’ll never recover all that was lost in 1912 and the years after, but we’re grateful to live in a community that is making strides to acknowledge the past, learn from it, and make a better future for all our residents. At Browns Bridge Church, we want to do the exact same thing as we strive to be a church where everyone feels at home.
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