OK, Les is both good guy and victim in all this? [eyeroll]

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OK, Les is both good guy and victim in all this? [eyeroll]

Postby William Thornton » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:46 am

Les’ letter to Danny Akin, SEBTS prez:

In this first paragraph of this document. Dr. Kostenberger writes:
"The article concludes that none of the Old or New Testament passages can legitimately be used to argue for the continuation of tithing in the new covenant period."

I do not believe that Dr. Kostenberger's position is the typical position among SBC pastors. My concern is the influence which Dr. Kostenberger may have upon future pastors who may teach this unbiblical position.

I am completely shocked and surprised that a Southern Baptist seminary in the years following the Conservative Resurgence would employ a professor who teaches that tithing is not necessary.

Do you agree with Dr. Kostenberger's position of tithing? If not, do you think it is helpful to the SBC to keep this professor on the faculty of SEBTS?

What would a reasonable person conclude from those words? Just what Wade Burleson concluded. Les is either completely tone deaf on this or disingenuous. This is the language used to eliminate liberals from our institutions.

He says further in his explanatory blog today that the SEBTS prof’s paper denies the validity of the tithe and the moral law of the OT. In argumentation, Les couples the tithe business with approval for homosexuality and abortion and questions whether you believe the Bible at all if you don’t believe the tithe is commanded of Christians today. Tp wit:

I was shocked at that statement. What I was hearing the authors say was that neither Old nor New Testament teaching on tithing was valid. Since the bulk of the paper's argument seeks to deny the validity of OT passages regarding tithing, I took, and still take this as an issue bigger than the issue of tithing. To me, the authors are attacking the authority of the Bible itself.

The authority of Scripture was the main battle that resulted in the Conservative Resurgence. However, as other bloggers and commentators have written, the battle for the Bible is not over. We continue to see liberal Christians saying that the Scriptures are not valid for teaching that homosexuality is a sin. Others say because Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, then He had no problem with it. To me, these arguments are illogical and deny the whole witness of Holy Scripture. Jesus never said anything about abortion, but are we to infer from His silence on this issue, that Jesus was pro-choice? The OT is filled with scripture about the preciousness of life and the law forbids murder, however, the NT says virtually nothing in these regards. Are we then supposed to throw out the OT teachings? I say no.

If you had integrity (or internal consistency), Les, you would say that this guy certainly ought to be fired. If you really believe what you wrote you should be carrying the torch at the head of the lynch mob after people like this.

Naturally, Burleson is the bad guy and gracious Les, who questioned this prof’s position on an SBC seminary faculty, makes himself to be the good guy. Nonsense.

From what I see, Les is a very good pastor and has some outstanding skills but I don’t think Les is joining God in His work on this one.


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Re: OK, Les is both good guy and victim in all this? [eyeroll]

Postby Wade Burleson » Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:49 pm

Timothy Bonney wrote:It sounds pretty crazy to me. It seems like reductio ad absurdem.

"If you don't believe one very small thing in the Bible that I believe the Bible argues for then you probably don't believe a lot of things that I believe the Bible says and therefore then you likely don't believe the Bible at all, you most likely are a wild eyed liberal, beat your wife, and are secretly an atheist!..." :lol:

The absurdity of his form of argument is apparent. Believe all I believe exactly as I believe it or God is gonna get you. And if God doesn't I will! :roll: I hope that you and Wade both would note that it was this kind of thinking that unleashed the conservative takeover of the SBC. You sow to the wind you reap the whirlwind.


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Wade and William

Postby Stephen Fox » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:08 pm

This episode with Puryear is indeed fascinating, especially given your history with Frank Page and the Memphis Declaration.

Even so I do hope you will file the following link and engage the folks at sbcimpact and explore your BFM 2000 devotion.
If you can read the following and say it is within fair boundaries for exploration at a Seminary, then what was the reason for the Conservative Resurgence.
You, Wade, have made some interestingmoves. I was delighted to see some of your remarks not long ago when you fellowshipped with the Baptist Covenant in Oklahoma.
But at some point you are a small distinction that doesn't add up to much virtue given your ultimate allegiance to the conservative resurgence.

Explore this link when you can make time.

And William as well.
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