Word from new NAMB trustee...in fantasyland

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Word from new NAMB trustee...in fantasyland

Postby William Thornton » Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:19 pm

Here is a comment from Dave Samples a brand new NAMB trustee who was present at the NAMB meeting of this week in which the CEO and three associates were sacked, er, resigned. The original is comment #15 here.

The guy is a new trustee, so I suppose he is wandering around like a lost puppy and maybe ought to get a pass on this, but his words are an insult to me. How about treating us seriously, bro?

Dave Samples wrote:First of all, let me insist that the board itself took absolutely no action except to receive the resignations of Dr. Hammond and the others. I know that everyone would love to hear all of the details of what transpired in the room. That just can’t happen in this case! Again, the only votes that the board took were procedural–no votes were cast in regard to Dr. Hammond or the others. Volfan, I don’t think that it would be accurate to say that Dr. Hammond was “forced” to resign. There were no votes in that regard taken one way or the other. It is my understanding that it is normal for confidentiality agreements to be signed in situations like this. Both parties agree to not talk about it–therefore I cannot talk about it!
I share Roger’s optimism that some very good things are going to happen at NAMB. Leadership change can be very healthy and I suspect that NAMB will just fine. Doug, having had the opportunity to hear personally from senior leadership at NAMB, I believe that the priorities that you have listed will be emphasized in an even greater way. It was announced today that long-time NAMB leader, Richard Harris will be at the helm until an interim president is named. Richard Harris is cream of the crop and I expect that the short-term leadership at NAMB through Dr. Harris will be tremendous.

I have no doubt that Dave Samples is a humble, very decent and sincere guy, but I have to ask:

Were you on Mars when NAMB went through the Reccord debacle? Are you aware that NAMB has a huge credibility problem, a pre-existing condition that is greatly intensified by this latest matter?

Do you really believe that ordinary Southern Baptists, who have given their money over the past decades, will pat you guys on the back because you get in a meeting called to effectively sack your CEO and get all teary-eyed while doing it?

Not forced? You mean no one was there with a gun pressed against Hammond’s temple? Do you believe that Hammond had any choice except to resign or be sacked?

You understand that it is normal for confidentiality statements to be signed in cases like this? Whose money do you think is involved here? Not yours. Not the trustees. It’s money earned by the sweat of ordinary SBCers who entrust it to you guys…and you stiff us on how you spend it?

Was Hammond invited to sit in on the meeting? Were questions asked of him? Did you pray with him and his four associates?

You are optimistic about the future? One press release from NAMB’s publicity guy, one statement from the trustee chairman, and everything is sweetness and light in Atlanta? Hardly.

It is offensive to me that trustees would treat their bosses, the tens of thousands of SBC churches and members, with such disdain and would make us go through another meltdown of one of our premier agencies. I had hoped that old trustees would have learned from the Reccord matter and new trustees would usher a in a new day of openness and transparency. Apparently not. This is a trustee failure. A trustee failure, not a staff failure.

I suppose I'm picking on the only guy who has actually thought enought of SBCers to make a comment. I emailed the chairman and have yet to have a reply. I'm not optimistic that he will be any more forthcoming.

This is the SBC at its worst: secrecy, closed doors, constituency stiffed, saying one thing in May, the oppostie in August...and then expecting us to swallow it all because you guys got all broken up in your trustee meeting about it. God help us. We can have the worst of disasters and gloss it over with some spiritual talk.

Southern Baptists deserve better than we have gotten from the trustees at NAMB.
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