Sutton will answer a question, why not Floyd?

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Sutton will answer a question, why not Floyd?

Postby William Thornton » Fri Jun 09, 2006 11:20 am

Sutton's church gave ZERO undesignated to his state convention in Cooperative Program gifts. Floyd's 0.27% is higher than 0.00%, so what makes Sutton a more cooperative candidate?

He addresses the question, and, in refreshing candor, answers it. BP reports:

Over 20 years, Two Rivers has averaged giving 6.37 percent through the Cooperative Program missions funding channel and an additional 7.03 percent to SBC mission causes though offerings and strategic partnerships, Sutton said.

Of late, Two Rivers has sent a portion of funds to the Tennessee Baptist Convention and a sum to the SBC Executive Committee for distribution through the SBC allocation budget, he said.

“There are going to be some zeros in there [in reporting the church’s traditional CP giving], because we have verbalized our discontent with the Tennessee Baptist Convention because it’s weighted heavily with CBF [Cooperative Baptist Fellowship] people. And we told them, ‘If you don’t get that straightened out and Belmont straightened out and Carson-Newman, that instead of sending all of our money through you, we’ll send you a certain amount of money. I think this past year we sent them about $70,000, but then we sent another $110,000 to the [SBC’s] Executive Committee downtown. And then we give to Lottie Moon and other offerings above that. This year the total giving is going to be lower than our average, but that’s just where we are cyclically. It always bounces back.”

In contrast, The Rev. Dr. Zero Point Two Seven Percent simply has not answered the question as to why his church gave such a small amount to the Arkansas Baptist Convention and why they prefer to by-pass his fellow Arkansas Baptists.

Mystery to me. I have two conjectures:
1. Floyd knows that saying nothing is better than whatever answer he might have.
2. These megapastors, wonderfully hi-octane that they are, simply do not like to answer questions from others.
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