No Minority Candidates for SBC Exec Positions

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No Minority Candidates for SBC Exec Positions

Postby Sandy » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:06 am

Dave Miller, a pastor from Iowa and a contributor to the SBC Voices blog where William Thornton is also a contributor, has reported that he is fairly confident there are no minority candidates for any of the executive positions now open in the SBC. There's been some pressure from the ranks, so to speak, to consider minority candidates and some conversation that there were a number of individuals who were qualified. ... inorities/

Executives and other high profile denominational employees in the SBC and in state conventions are almost always chosen because they have inflience and friendships among those who make the decisions. Many of the trustees currently serving are hand-picked allies of the core group of conservative resurgence leaders, including many of the leaders themselves who worked their way into the posts they wanted. Some of them have been on multiple boards, and are on both SBC and state convention boards at the same time. Most of the ethnic minority pastors and denominational leaders come from smaller churches and from venues where the work is hard and they don't have the time to constantly be at meetings where they can work the floor and get their name on a waiting list to be an SBC exec.

It would be a pleasant surprise to see a minority candidate emerge, or even better, to be hired as President of Southwestern Seminary or as the leader of the executive board.

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