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William, I have some reservations

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:46 am

But I would like to see you collect your thoughts having been on site and sharing many emails with McKissic over the years into a blog. I think you remain nearsighted on the influence in recent SBC history of my roll call cabal of Helms, McAteer and Albert Lee Smith and how the weight of racism in SBC history is with the fundamentalists.

And for all their influence I remain convinced folks like Rick Burgess, Andrea Tice and Rick Lance, even Bobby Jeffress and yes Trey Gowdy, can distinguish themselves from Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller with Bama's Cliff Simms in the White House with Jeff Sessions.

NPR On the Media had an indicting story on that shadowy network that now includes Kris Kobach on immigration. Southern Baptists must come clean with that aspect of the takeover history and must be called to say have more insight now and are more distinctively articulate than your average Baptist deacon in Alabama was on the matter of George Wallace in the 60s.

I share some of your concerns about the Duke Scholar. Balmer woulda been much better in her seat, or Wuthnow; though I am sure on a topic closer to her field she could soar. Her curriculum vitae is impressive, easy google for Duke Div Faculty. Christena Cleveland.
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