Baptist News Global does a Puff piece on Tim Tebow's Momma

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Baptist News Global does a Puff piece on Tim Tebow's Momma

Postby Stephen Fox » Wed Jul 07, 2021 9:55 am

I just saw it today re Pam Tebow s new book. Pam was Eagle Foruam Woman of the year for 2018 and marinated in the Birch Society inflected preaching of Jerry Vines at FBC Jaxville, Florida, twice pastor of West Rome BC, Rome Ga. What follows are my concerns posted on facebook of BNG
Tim Tebow's mother is a warmed over version of Phyliss Schlafly and the Bircher Albert Lee Smith's Wife Eunie Smith head of Bama Eagle Forum who with Albert Lee and the enabling of Eagle Forum spider web to every right wing group in America was a bane in James Dunn's neck during the fundy takeover of the SBC. Pam Tebow was Eagle Forum Woman of the year in 2018 and her longtime membership in Jerry Vines FBC Jaxville Florida should shoot up firework alerts for any converage in BNG. While her story about bringing Tim to full term is captivating as personal choice, her personhood convictions and complicity with the mendacity of the politics of abortion with those who may have less scruples than her to buttress the TRUMP base is the story on Pam Tebow. I hope BNG comes back to Pam informed and contextualized in Jill Lepore's insights in her history These Truths, about the politics of the Eagle Forum....And the drama to play out sooner or later, the distinction between the religious political leanings of Tim Tebow as distinct from Trevor Lawrence is gonna be fascinating.
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Stephen M. Fox
Two weeks ago the Bama Eagle Forum along with the right wing Bama Policy Institute came out with an endorsement of the backlash weaponization of critical race theory debate. So BNG cant have it both ways, praise Pam Tebow book while claiming ignorance on her version of CRT which BNG examined in Nashville SBC and found lacking
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