Is Q Anon in your neighborhood

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Is Q Anon in your neighborhood

Postby Stephen Fox » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:26 pm

Religion dispatches today has a troubling piece on the Q and Satanic Cults. And of course we know of Trump's muddling response to Savannah Guthrie last night on prime time NBC....NBC had a two night segment this last week on the Evening News on some true Believers in Pittsburg; and our Friend Lamar Wadsworth has it in his Congressional Back yard in Rockmart and Cedartown Ga. I doubt you have to scratch hard to find it in Jerry Vines former pastorate West Rome BC, Rome Ga. John Pierce knows the church well from his Berry Days.

Here is something I just discovered cruising some extended family posts from a mega church staffer it appears to be in Upstate SC

Question. When? Where?and how do we fight? Are we forming or joining a militia? Are we storming capital hill to kill all this guilty of treason? Are we organizing elections to replace the corrupted leaders we have killed? People say stand up. Rise up! Do something to stop all this! But never hear a plan or what needs to be done or what happens after it’s done. In my opinion these radical leaders would have been hanged or shot for treason back in the founding Father’s Day. I would love to do something to change the direction of this country back to our founding father’s way. And it may not be storming capital hill with weapons, but people post stuff about we have to stand up and do something, but I personally don’t know what to do to stop it other than Pray and vote. Show me something I’m missing.
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