Carlyle Marney was a fan of Flannery O connor

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Carlyle Marney was a fan of Flannery O connor

Postby Stephen Fox » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:07 am

Now Oconnor has been cancelled at Catholic's Loyola University of Maryland. ... -name-hall

This is outrageous. First Things, the conservative Catholic journal has come to the side of Oconnor.

I heard Marney hold up Flannery O Connor in 1978 a few months before he died, as an example of southern thinking Pastors should become acquainted with as they attempted to navigate the heart of the faith ten years after the assassination of ML King.

If Oconnor was good enough for Marney to champion, she's good enough for me.

I went to see the movie version of Oconnor's Wise Blood in a theatre in a flamboyant neighborhood of Atlanta in 1981 with a former Miss Alabama contestant. It was a grand experience especially when the WA Criswell like street preacher with the white shoes and the whole gambit came on the screen with Haze Motes played by Brad Dourif. Criswell preacher was played by the fellow who gained fame in the squealing pig episode in Deliverance.

If Loyola got better art than that, let's see it.
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