Wayne Flynt's magnificent Baptist tribute to John Lewis

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Wayne Flynt's magnificent Baptist tribute to John Lewis

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:33 am

https://www.al.com/opinion/2020/07/john ... untry.html

Flynt was Harper Lee's best friend in Alabama when she died. For a long time he's taught Sunday School at FBC Auburn where he knew longtime pastor John Jeffers for two years in the late 40s the pastor of the Collinsville Baptist church where my Mother was baptized.

His reach is much greater than collinsville but one of his disciples Mark Wilson founded the Auburn University Living Democracy Project which has been hardwired to the Collinsville Library for the last 8 years and counting.

How anybody can read this and vote for Tommy Tubberville for Senate in Collinsville Baptist or elsewhere in the precincts, especially the Baptists precincts and provinces of Alabama is beyond me.

That goes for Jennifer Wilkins, Gloria Morgan, Jordan Doufexis, Donnie Myers and others.

And Flynt was Bruce Gourley's Phd advisor.
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