Pressler fired Shackelford and Martin 30 years ago

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Pressler fired Shackelford and Martin 30 years ago

Postby Stephen Fox » Sat Jul 18, 2020 9:26 am

I was there in Nashville for the day on July 17 to see it all go down. My sister saw me on TV in Greenville SC as the story got picked up nationally.

Pressler knew me by then from our encounter in the newsroom in San Antonio in 88 with Nancy Ammerman as a witness, and then earlier that summer of 1990 in New Orleans when we had a chat on the floor of the Superdome after I had taken a mike with concern about the rumor Jesse Helms organization had contributed 100 thousand toward the fundamentalist takeover and mighta bought him self an award from Les Csorba or some baptist group Pressler controlled by then in an election year.

Pressler was livid.

BTW few days ago Chowan College in NC took Jesse Helms name off their activities center.

Baptist Global news has big write up about Pressler firing News leaders of the time.
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