Light shines on Samford University in New Book by Black Grad

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Light shines on Samford University in New Book by Black Grad

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:48 pm

Eric Motley of circa Samford University 1994 has just published new book by Harper Collins and Zondervan. Motley is a conservative African American who once engaged Maya Angelou in a poetry recitation contest, worked in the Bush 43 administration with Karl Rove, is on first name basis with Colin Powell and now works at the Aspen Institute.

His Madison Park about the community he was raised in Montgomery, Alabama has a gut wrenching chapter on the race drama he found himself in when he for a few days was the first person of color in a frat at Samford and this in early 90s.

Beloved of the late Tom Corts, he is a Samford legend up there with Chic Fil A CEO Dan Cathy, who left my Furman Religion class in 71 and year later mid year 72-73 took his brother to Samford.

I think I have a copy of the book on the way.
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