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Richard Furman's "Tipping Point"

PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:50 pm
by Stephen Fox
The Dec Baps Today had a most interesting piece about a Chattanooga conference on the Civil War. I'm writing Johnny Pierce a letter for Publication and also have started a blog on the topic.

Here is what Pierce reported Bruce Gourley said last fall in Chattanooga:

Quoting from John Pierce story in December 2015 BT:

In Dec. of 1822 Richard Furman President of the SC SBC penned a public letter to the SC Governor that represented a "tipping point among white Baptists in the South, " said Gourley.

Furman's "very pro-slavery stance" in the letter affirmed that slavery is never actually condemned in the Bible, and he assured the governor of the state's Baptist support in preventing future insurrections.

"Prior to 1880, most white Baptists in the South were either opposed to slavery of ambivalent, " Said Gourley. "Richard Furman's letter changed things in the South"

End Quote.

Blog just posted

PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:18 pm
by Stephen Fox
Exploratory and informative ... point.html

Right down to reference to Wade Burleson on an aspect of the subject from 2007