Good baptist Baseball stories that evolved to Bobby Bowden

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Good baptist Baseball stories that evolved to Bobby Bowden

Postby Stephen Fox » Mon Jul 19, 2021 10:56 am

Had some exchanges with John Pierce early this morning on facebook that turned into something serendipitous deserving larger platform for posterity

Johnny, pardon off topic but public appeal for you to do a story on cbf/progressive baptist athletes with focus on baseball. We all know how much you and David R. Currie and Brent walker love baseball. Who among you played college and high school , and how do you rank with jack harwell and Randall lolley, both scholarship at Stamford. Richard Kremer ran track at uga and pat Patrick R. Anderson at Furman and a sleeper here Kevin Heifner is rumored to have been standout second baseman in high school with family friend billy Ivey whose father was a Vanderbilt legend . And the oil man form Oklahoma who was in the big show. Would love to read an article that separates some fact from fiction
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John Pierce
Stephen M. Fox Mitch Randall was the high school stand-out and college baseball player. And you omitted another member of the Samford (the Howard College) baseball team with Jack and Randall: Bobby Bowden.
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Stephen M. Fox
John Pierce bowden said richard kremers dad was fastest white boy of his era he ever saw, paraphrase of kremer s father s week daily devotions streamed on line. Jury is out on bowdens progressive baptist credentials as he appeared this year at sbc in nashville and im convinced unable to call out tebows mother for her sffiliation with eagle forum. Bottom line, you and currie on the bench, mitch or kevin heifner get hurt, who goes in, you or currieCurrie. I say currie to attempt a stolen base, youmto calm down an infield. Ha
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John Pierce
Stephen M. Fox Jack Harwell told me that when Bobby Bowden became head coach at FSU he’d invite Jack to sit in his box for a game each year. Before one game he asked, “Is Randall still president at Wake Forest?” Jack explained that he was prez at the seminary on the old WF campus. Next year Bobby asked again and Jack explained again. Each year that followed, Bobby would ask, “Jack, is Randall still president at Wake Forest?” Jack would say, “Yep.”
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Stephen M. Fox
John Pierce great story . My dad woulda loved it. You know lolley had a brother Tom, who at one point in the 80s was the baptist bishop of all western N.C., honest. Lolley told daddy Tom was up around hot springs N.C. when he heard the story of the outlander who stayed n the mountains with his wife in the 20s and rarely came to town. The story got around he looked up one day and saw his first plane. Ran in the house and said Mary, it’s Jesus and he’s coming back on two planks. Said the fellow went under the bed an unbeliever but came out on the other side later redeemed for the rest of his life.....Lolley loved that story.
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