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Guns and Mass Shootings

PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 11:18 am
by Stephen Fox
Way passed time for CBF network to get specific about the Dark Money politics of the Gun Lobby and NRA in all of its venality, mendacity, and White Citizens council like Network. Name names of worst Congressmen that dance with the Devil on this Matter. As an example here is a comment I just left this morning on facebook of Spartanburg SC Herald Journal re a post about the shooter in Rock Hill SC, the football player who is now being looked at for dallying with a dark religious cult online.

Could be a twist. A similar investigation ought to be done with the fellow who has all the advertisements on Upstate Tv with Palmetto Guns and his Gun Religion. Evidences of worship of the Pagan God Moloch of the Old Testament to whom children were sacrificed. See Garry Willis, in NY books, simple google. Ask the religion scholars on staff at FBC Spartanburg and the Moloch acolyte Jeff Duncan, who calls himself a christian but serves Satan with his distortions of the second amendment caucus and the Dark Money politics of the NRA and Gun Lobby. Why don't you take an exhaustive gun religion of Upstate SC if you really want to make a dent in mass shootings. Get Deanna Hollas on the Phone, the Presbyterian Ambassador, resistor to the gun Lobby. Talk to Wofford Trustee Will Willimon, and his friend Curtis Freeman at Duke and their Friend Steve Harmon at Gardner Webb.