Hillary's kitchen Sink and The Covenant

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Hillary's kitchen Sink and The Covenant

Postby Stephen Fox » Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:32 pm

It was reported today that one of Hillary's Key strategist is gonna play the Race Card (Jeremiah Wright) thing to the hilt in her design to do whatever it takes to wrest the nomination from Obama.
We must look to the folks at Wake Forest Div and Campbell, even Tony Cartledge himself to put all this in perspective as things come to North Carolina.
The Atlanta Covenant is a matter of record. Obama's pastor Otis Moss; Moss's father was on the same platform that Bill Clinton himself later spoke from.
This matter must be spelled out in North Carolina for the integrity of the Covenant Promise.
As they say, the whole world will be watching.
Melissa Rogers for one, of WF Div, is on game.
I hope we here in our small world of the blogging universe can give something resembling a certain sound.

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