A Gem "The Meaning of the Baptist Experience"

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Re: A Gem "The Meaning of the Baptist Experience"

Postby Ed Pettibone » Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:49 pm

Timothy Bonney wrote:In case you didn't get a copy, I thought you should know that a fine little book by William E. Hull called "The Meaning of the Baptist Experience" was on sale for $1 per copy from the Baptist Heritage Society. It is a fine little book and I liked it so much that I checked into ordering copies for the church. I found out that if you were at the NBC meeting you can still get copies for a $1 apiece until they run out of the "New Baptist Covenant" edition. So, I ordered 100 copies to distribute at FBC Des Moines/Johnston.

If you've not read it, you should spend the $ (or the usual $2.50) to get and read a copy.

ED: TIm, I agree that this is "fine little Book". We have also ordered copies for the congregations that Trudy pastors.
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