See Official review Pictures and Text

Does the New Baptist Covenant represent the dawning of a new day of unity in Baptist life? Discuss the ongoing Covenant meetings here.

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See Official review Pictures and Text

Postby Ed Pettibone » Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:39 pm

Ed: Hundreds of pictures, pages and pages of journalistic reviews by friendly reporters. All of the Plenary sessions as well a break out sessions;
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Take time for the slide shows

Sample Clips from the text go to the site to read complete reports

By Marv Knox
Baptist Standard
Photo: Billy Howard

ATLANTA-Fifteen thousand participants in the New Baptist Covenant convocation arrived in Atlanta Jan. 30 seeking unity in Christ and departed Feb. 1 wondering where their quest will lead.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Carla Wynn Davis
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Photo: Billy Howard

ATLANTA-With a closing challenge to love God and love others, former President Jimmy Carter capped the three-day Celebration of the New Baptist Covenant Feb. 1 in Atlanta, ending a day that focused on future unified action and developing response to immigration, hunger, health care and other social issues.

"I feel that this New Baptist Covenant assembly is based on … love God and love the person standing in front of you at any time," Carter said.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Robert Marus and Greg Warner
Associated Baptist Press
Photo: Billy Howard

ATLANTA (ABP)-The only way for a broad group of Baptists to move toward their goal of unity is with a spirit of humility and forgiveness, former President Bill Clinton told participants of the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant Feb. 1.

"If we are going to form a covenant that can embrace the whole body of the Baptist [tradition], which every Christian can identify with and every good human being on earth can applaud, it is the spirit with which we go forward and our determination to offer specific things we can do as the children of God that will determine how it comes out in the end," Clinton said.

By Jim White
Religious Herald
Photo: Joel McLendon

ATLANTA-When it comes to spiritual discipline, simply spending time in God's presence is the primary requirement, seminary professors Linda Bryan and Loyd Allen agreed.

Bryan and Allen led a session titled "The Spirit of the Lord Upon Me" during the New Baptist Covenant gathering in Atlanta, Feb. 1
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Slide show

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:23 am

I finally got this to working.

I thought pic 323 was Grand, Bob Stephenson and his Divinity School scholarship recipients for the event.

Special place in heaven for an Oilman like Stephenson.
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Official review Pictures and Text

Postby Prentice Fox » Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:16 pm

I really liked the picture of Jimmy Allen, #201. Is he still at Big Canoe? Dr. Allen preached a monumental sermon at the Baptist Retreat in Bertchesgaden, Germany in 1982, on "Lostness" and described his experience in a blizzard in the mountains of Colorado. He has lived throught a literal "Hell on Earth" and is a strong witness of God's Grace. I also liked the picture of Carter, Campolo, and Clinton(sounds like a law firm in New Jersey.)
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