Did some one forget to invite J. Pierce

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Did some one forget to invite J. Pierce

Postby Ed Pettibone » Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:57 pm

Ed Pettibone: Did some one forget to invite John Pierce to the ABC Break fast on Sat. Jan 2nd

I guess I am guilty, I assumed some one higher up would do so after all John has been a good friend to ABC-USA.

And he did put the time to good use here is a part of blog written that morning;

He wrote;
While certainly imperfect and without a completely cohesive message, the Celebration was enriching and inspiring in so many ways.
Worship was uplifting, abundant and varied in style. Many wonderful gifts and talents were shared.
In special interest sessions, Baptists with similar concerns — yet often previously unacquainted — tackled some of the most challenging issues facing churches and communities today.
Now here on the morning after, when the Georgia World Congress Center is vacated by Baptists, the dominant question remains: What does this gathering mean for the future?
The answer will not come immediately, but over time.
But most importantly, we must realize that the "celebrity Baptists" got us talking, got us to town and got us to listen. However, the potentially deep impact of the New Baptist Covenant does not rest with those who stood behind the podium this week.
The significance will be defined and determined by the growing relationships and cooperative ministry efforts that occur outside the glaring spotlight of an Atlanta stage.

Well said - both this and the words about Bill Clinton's presentation. :)

I apologize for not inviting you to the breakfast Saturday morning and I did have access to an extra ticket. :(
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Re: Did some one forget to invite J. Pierce

Postby BTeditor » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:40 pm

Thanks so much. Maybe I can get in on another good ABC meet-and-eat sometime.
But I don't feel slighted at all. In fact, the Celebration was so hectic (and meaningful) that I'm not sure I could have gotten in another event and completed the writing that was due.
Internet technology has sure changed the way (and, most significantly, the time frame) news is delivered from events such as this one.
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