The biggest faux pas of the NBCC

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The biggest faux pas of the NBCC

Postby Stephen Fox » Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:30 pm

Not a moment for a meeting but a Movement.

A faux pas that God brought me in the World to make; coulda been no better person chosen than me to Do this.

I saw an immaculately dressed Baptist Pastor of Color in one of the Worship services and said to myself I know that Preacher from Somewhere.

Next day I saw him again at the Top of the Escalator and said: "You're from Alabama, aren't you."
He smiled broadly and said: "No, I'm from New York."

Then it registered with me.
It was James Forbes.
I grabbed him above the elbow as we were shaking hands and both laughing at my expense, and I said he did a great job at Myers Park when I say him 2004.
He remembered and said that was a great day indeed.
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