Aldape and Starlette on board full time Good Faith Media

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Aldape and Starlette on board full time Good Faith Media

Postby Stephen Fox » Thu Jul 01, 2021 1:28 pm ... -join-gfm/

What this indicates I'm not sure, a new generation of people of color in ascendance on the Aliiance wing of progressive Baptist movement for sure.

Aldape four years ago was in Dalton Ga. Would be interesting to have staff talk about her time there; she may have sailed through with flying colors I don't know. There she had an opportunity in the Heart of Q anon land to make a prophetic word. She certainly as a recent piece at GFM makes clear has no indulgence for aging "whiners" in CBF ranks, whose money made I imagine her seminary expenses at McAfee negotiable and light.

What do these young women of color know about Truett, Dunn, Lolley, Jimmy Allen, LD Johnson, Will Campbell or does it matter any more with a new generation who has street cred in the language of LGBTQ and abortion politics, and of course Women in Ministry. At what point does a perceived appreciation for a generation of males who had some vision working with the likes of Pat Ayres and Sara Frances Anders and Molly Marshall, at what point does it matter if they ever heard of Stewart A Newman.

I think it would be an interesting point to pursue as we all follow their podcasts at Good Faith Media and the Revs on the Run which Debuted yesterday.
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