Tomiko Brown-Nagin for next SCOTUS/Hawley Lynn on W. Earle

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Tomiko Brown-Nagin for next SCOTUS/Hawley Lynn on W. Earle

Postby Stephen Fox » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:35 am

RBG would be pleased. Tomiko is a Furman grad, UVA and Taught at Harvard in Law and History. She is now the Dean of Radcliffe. Shares Greenwood SC with Benjamin Mayes as her hometown and carries more intellectual gravitas than a lot of women of color now on Biden's short list.
But of course Lindsey Graham and Trump and Mitch have a lot to say about this. Hawley Lynn speaks from the Grave with his sermon at FUMC Pickens SC late FEB 1947 right after Willie Earle was stolen out of Jail and lynched on Bramlett Road by Greenville Cabbies.

Lynn took as his Text Matthew 5 :22 and did some exegesis on the word RACA, Reqa in the Aramaic that woulda bedazzled Carlyle Marney himself. I guess it is up to Buddy Shurden or Willimon to let us know if Marney became aware of Hawley Lynn's sermon in Pickens. Gravely's new book They Stole Him out of Jail, the last Lynching in SC is must read for Covenant people.

Duke Chaplain Will Willimon a product of the Buncombe St UMC in Greenville shut down Wofford for a day three years ago to talk about the lynching and Lynn's sermon.

It made international news at the time; shamed Greenville for 60 years and counting and now Lindsey Graham may top the lynching as a henchman for Donald Trump.
A decent Republican, David Wilkins, Bush 43 Ambassador to Canada and recent chair of Clemson trustees legacy may be at stake if he enables or through struck mute silence is complicitous in the shenanigans of Trump. And they Catholic Woman from Indiana is diabolical if you consider the mendacity of the abortion politics in which she is entangled. Whatever her Catholic convictions are, are to be respected. But her church state profile from a Truett POV is the devil's work and I think the BJCPA knows it. Google Stansell, Holy War, New Republic. That's where I am coming from in addition to John Pierce fine piece recently at GFM on the matter, and even better religion dispatches on the ideology of Falwell Sr and Liberty U.

Here is something else to consider from an altered vantage point. Still whatever the question is Trump and now Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, the gravedigger of modern American Democracy are not the answer. And David Wilkins in the face of Darrien Rencher and Trevor Lawrence and the passing of Chadwick Boseman in Rencher's Anderson SC and the June 13 BLM march at Clemson, Wilkins runs the risk of his legacy becoming as poisonous as that of John C Calhoun if he doesn't call on Graham to Stand Down until Ruth Badeer Ginsburg's death bed wish for her replacement to wait until the next President is "Installed". ... e=Homepage
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