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I pledge Allegiance

PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 1:45 pm
by Stephen Fox
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of Azar Nafisi and Judge Frank Johnson of the United States of America and to the more Perfect Union they symbolically leaned into and to the Republic of Virtue they Espoused, Learned, Majestic, Embracing all who Loved Liberty and Understand the Promise of the Founding Fathers, flawed though many of them are; One Nation Reckoning, Under the God of Abraham that includes Jews and Gentiles, Muslims Baptists and Hindus and American Indians, even the God of the Unbelievers, A Meritocracy that doesnt give a pass to the Frat Boys of University of Alabama who were born on Third Base and Thought They Hit a Triple' Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for BLM, Crackers in Appalachia, the Furman Baseball Team, DACA, For All even the unafilliated. So Help me God.