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Furman grad in Marshall Frady tradition on Trump's bamapeeps

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:49 pm
by Stephen Fox ... 992c1ff4f6

Ansley wrote a piece on Marshall Frady and other Furman folks related to Koinonia a few years ago. I'm itchin to get my hands on her new book

I met Ansley in 2012 in Americus when she was doing research for her book at a Koinonia Celebration.

Great stuff, proud to be her acquaintance and delighted some people still get the True Religion at Furman

Facebook post for Centre Alabama

PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:55 am
by Stephen Fox
And the US House race there, the Bama 3rd from Auburn up the Georgia border to Weiss Lake across from Rome Ga

Here is what's up. In September 2012 I was in a conference in Americus Ga with the author, Ansley Quiros, my fellow Furman University grad along with this year Clayte Hubbard the son of the former speaker of the House Mike Hubbard. Also there were the son and daughter in law of FBC Collinsville Alabama, John and Susan Weaver Morgan. Susan is the daughter of Raymond who coached some exciting football games against Sand Rock in the 80s. Quiros piece--the picture will evokce comparisons to a sign on HWY 411 well known to residents of Cherokee County; and all this is likely to come into play in some fashion in the US house race between Mallory Hagan for Congress and the incumbent Rogers. Conversations are already taking place with administration at Jax St to discuss about all this article implies. Let's keep the conversation going. Also here is a challenge to the county GOP to begin a group read of Jon Meacham ( click on his site) new Book on the Soul of America. Seems to me that would be a no brainer for discerning Christians:

Warren Fortson of Americus 65 passes

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:05 am
by Stephen Fox

In this season of the passing of John Lewis and CT Vivian let us also remember Warren Fortson, an ally of President Carter who was immortalized by Furman's Great Marshall Frady in Look or Life Magazine where Frady helped bring Will Campbell to national attention. You can read the Frady treatment of Fortson in the collection Southerners, and Dr. Quiros notes him in her book.

Comments on Furman facebook re upcoming panel

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:50 pm
by Stephen Fox
October 7 Furman to hold virtual panel on Wade Hampton HS and the troubles of this past summer.

Here are the comments I just left for the panel to consider, some in the Weeds

Why aren't Baxter Wynn and David Wilkins on this panel to talk about the BLM march in Clemson June 13 where Trevor Lawrence told me he came down on the side of Drew Brees and Deshaun Watson in the twitter dustup between Brees and Trump. And why hasnt David Wilkins and Lindsey Graham and Timmons called on Donald Trump to apologize to two of Nick Saban's Heismann Trophy winners Trump implying they were SOBs cause they didnt kowtow to his interpretation of the Kaepernick affair? And now the Proud Boys are in play. Stuart Stevens kicks off It Was all a Lie quoting Lee Atwater infamous Nword memo. Lets hope this august Furman panel doesn't waste this golden opportunity to get to the heart of the matter. I volunteer for the next panel to explore how FBC Spartanburg SC's Truth for a New Generation conferences of five years ago laid the foundation for this ridiculous Trump/LindseyGraham/SCOTUS fiasco carnival we now find ourselves in. Maybe the conversation should flow into the Timmons name on the Basketball arena at Furman if anybody on campus has the mind to read Marty Cohen's Moral Congress that goes to the underbelly of Furman and Wofford's 4th Congressional district
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Stephen M. Fox
And all this coinciding with the release of the definitive work on the lynching of Willie Earle, They Stole him Out of Jail by Pickens SC author William Gravely. Like the New Yorker's Rebecca West revealed then and Evan Osnos reveals now about the dark money politics of the NRA that gave us the Stand Your Ground Law and the likely death of Trayvon Martin; like Gravely reports Furman 's Kendrick Schaefer said the so called "better" people of Greenville were struck mute with the Willie Earle verdict. Strong putrid analogy could be made now in the face of Greenville's County Club Republicans, the Republicans at Westminster Prez and Buncombe Street UMC and Christ Church Episcopal who will find a way to rationalize a vote for Lindsey Graham and Trump on or before Nov 3! The alumni office has my email address. If for some reason you delete this comment, please, please in the name of Jesus Christ and LD Johnson explain yourself to me. Thanks and looking forward to the conversation that ensues. I just tagged Mike Chibbaro who wrote the book on WHHS!
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Stephen M. Fox
I hope she has read Mike Chibbaro's book about the Mighty Generals Basketball team of Clyde Mayes and Norm Macdonald that integrated WHHS. What Furman should look at is the history of Lee Atwater and his n word memo and how that plays into this current moment of Trump and Lindsey Graham and William Timmons. And whether it is something Furman's great friend David Wilkins should speak to as Atwater envisioned racebaiting politics evolving into the NRA Dark Money politics of Jeff Duncan among others, and abortion politics Lindsey Graham is now using to rush AConey Barrett to the Supreme Court. Wade Hampton been around a long time and this makes interesting hand wringing but if you've been paying attention lately we have a clear and present danger in the Upcountry with the legacy of Lee Atwater that has metastasized into Trump and Lindsey!!!!!
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See Drew Galpin Faust in Atlantic on Gorra and Faulkner

PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 10:40 am
by Stephen Fox
Frady, Quiros are on board