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The Dominant Paradigm and Progressive Baptists

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:37 am
by Stephen Fox
Jeff Hood has an active title on the Facebook wall of Progressive Baptist Conversation excoriating the CBF on LGBT. Things got intense in a hurry with Lia Scholl of Wake Forest and Ellen Jimmerson getting active in the chat. Lian introduced a quote that used the F Bomb. I thought if F Bomb was not part of the Baptist Progressive Baptist lexicon lets try the N Word since it was key in the great doc on OJ Simpson last week and central to Wuthnow's case in the Study of Texas Baptists shaping the key party with the kerygma quote of the Atwater memo.

Jeff Hood self appointed master of all progressive Baptist thought gave me a warning.

Wanting this chat to go wide as possible. Jeff and Lia and Ellen are convinced the CBF is incapable of being Prophetic and I think it would be asinine of them to attempt to sabotage Greensboro when they have a perfectly good outlet in the Alliance, an outlet I affirm.

So lets have the Alliance have a break out on the N Word and political caorrectness and the new Boundaries of Progressive Baptists at their next convo and see what the limits of self righteousness are.

I testified about the Dominant Paradigm with a parable from1970. My soul is Rested.

Oh, here is some of the chatter

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:40 am
by Stephen Fox

What about the N Word when making a reference to an Atwater memo as spelled out in Princeton proff Wuthnow's Rough Country, a must read for not only you, but Hood, Ellen and La Scholl. Without the N word there is No ESPN Doc on OJ. I watched all ten ho...See More

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Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen Stephen M. Fox I support using words that communicate without harming people. That's all. Could care less if they are swear words. Care a great deal if used as a slur BY THE DOMINANT PARADIGM which is an important distinction in those cases.

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Stephen M. Fox

Stephen M. Fox I know about the dominant paradigm The concept was introduced to me in the summer of 1970 by the father to be of the greatest player in Major league baseball of the first decade of the 21st Century. However the story rightly told has been ruled out of order by the Administrator of "Progressive" Baptist Conversation. So Irony all around for you new generation executors of the politically correct as you reify the Baptist tradition in American and establish your own exclusionary boundaries while in self denial. Or something like that!!!!!. FTR Recprd Grady Sizemore Sr also tweaked MLK and non violent social change for me that day