Humble suggestion for President Carter's Fall Race Conf

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Humble suggestion for President Carter's Fall Race Conf

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue May 24, 2016 5:37 pm ... .html?_r=1

Though she is not a Baptist I hope President Carter and his consultants for this conference will have Azar Nafisi of This Republic of Imagination as featured speaker. As an Iranian woman she is strong Antidote to Trump and his vision of America.

Hoping one of Carter's inner circle will bring this book to his attention immediately.

And it must be admitted Black Lives Matter has had some miscues.

Emphasis must be placed on what Ga Gov Roy Barnes recently reminded us as the goal of Lee Atwater to have a black Dem Primary in the South and a White Republican one.

Bring into play the SEC football and how players in the league can stand up to Southern US House delegations to have a more honest conversation on these matters.

And pandering to black politics by Hillary Clinton and others must be addressed.

The politics of Rick and Bubba and Russ Moore must also be brought into the spotlight. For that see my recent blog at
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Re: Humble suggestion for President Carter's Fall Race Conf

Postby Sandy » Thu May 26, 2016 11:32 am

I'm glad to see you're getting some new material, Stephen. Rick and Bubba are a good addition to your usual list of names, which, in the blog you referenced, included Kate Campbell, Molly Marchall, Wuthnow, Randal Balmer and Russell Moore. You only mentioned the alleged "fundamentalist takeover of the SBC" once.

It seems that former President Carter's health issues have pretty much slowed down the activity of the New Baptist Covenant. Doesn't look like much has changed on their website recently, and it seems that the covenant itself isn't particularly active. With Clinton on the campaign trail, and he wasn't necessarily all that active anyway, who is going to take leadership? I wonder if those who are interested in it think it is in his future.

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