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Postby Haruo » Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:09 pm

'Bout time. Yesterday was very trying. Hope y'all survived and got some other stuff done. I went to Ash Wed. Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes at St. Paul's Episcopal. Took my Vatican II Hymnal and sang (sotto voce) the Papal Hymn, which I find theologically and otherwise a bit daunting, though it's a nice 8787D tune) on behalf of the soon-to-depart Benedict on the bus:
Long live the Pope! His praises sound Again and yet again:
His rule is over space and time; His throne the hearts of men:
All hail! the Shepherd King of Rome, The theme of loving song:
: || : Let all the earth his glory sing, And heav'n the strain prolong. : || :

Beleaguered by the foes of earth, Beset by hosts of hell,
He guards the loyal flock of Christ, A watchful sentinel:
And yet, amid the din and strife, The clash of mace and sword,
: || : He bears alone the shepherd staff, This champion of the Lord. : || :

His signet is the Fisherman's; No sceptre does he bear;
In meek and lowly majesty He rules from Peter's Chair:
And yet from every tribe and tongue,
From every clime and zone,
: || : Three hundred million voices sing, The glory of his throne. : || :

Then raise the chant, with heart and voice, In church and school and home:
"Long live the Shepherd of the Flock! Long live the Pope of Rome!"
Almighty Father, bless his work, Protect him in his ways,
: || : Receive his prayers, fulfill his hopes, And grant him "length of days." : || :
This song was copyrighted in 1908 (and thus is now in the public domain), and the "foes of earth" were primarily the Italian government, and only secondarily Baptists, Jews, and Communists. The lyrics are sometimes an intriguing application of the principle of "Imitatio Christi", though even the saintliest pope makes at best an ersatz Jesus.

I spoke too soon; it's still not letting me post.

Finally, it's letting me stay on the site long enough to edit those annoying split ends... And the repeat signs that automorphed into quizzical, disapproving emotica...

I underlined "Three hundred m[illion]" to remind those who like to update their lyrics that "A thousand m[illion]" ore even "More than a b[illion]" may be sung here.
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Re: Welcome to BL.com forums

Postby Tim Bonney » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:15 pm

We had a good Ash Wednesday service at Grace this week. The weather cooperated and we had a good turnout. We shared in the imposition of ashes and Holy Communion.
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