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Alabama CBF Meeting

Postby KeithE » Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:08 pm

We (wife Ann and I) went to the Annual Alabama CBF meeting in Birmingham on Monday after several years of not going - retirement enables much.

Suzii Paynter was there and immediately sat next to my wife at the business meeting time and discussed clothing/winter wear/etc. for 10 minutes. Made my wife feel welcome but Ann had no idea who she was.

It was a time of renewing old friends and meeting several new ones (many of which live in Huntsville).

Suzii gave an excellent discussion of the CBF current programs.

There was a break out session on Pay Day Lenders (didn’t attend) and another on Covenants of Actions that the New Baptist Covenant (NBC) is promoting (did attend). The Covenants of Actions are where 2-3 Baptist churches from differing denominations propose ministries to the NBC and some are selected for partial funding. I’m working on some ideas and contacts right now hopefully to be ready for the 14-15 Jan NBC convention where proposals will be evaluated (can't seem to end those proposals even though retired :( :wink: ).

The NBC Covenant of Action presenter was a young lady (Hannah McMahon) who grew up in an SBC church (Hillsboro Heights BC) in Huntsville (for a few years) and whose father was the pastor. I remember this pastor and his wife used to come to the CBF organizing sessions at our church until some at his church found out about it and he soon lost his job. No doubt left an impression on young Hannah.

The NBC keeps on inviting SBC participation but no church has done so yet. I may try to get Hillsboro Heights and a black Baptist church into the proposed covenant.
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Re: Alabama CBF Meeting

Postby Ed Pettibone » Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:18 pm

Ed: Hannah is a sharp young lady, Trudy and I met her in 2007 at the combined ABC-CBF meeting where she was coordinating the Booths for introducing folk to new Baptist covenant concept and promoting the First National meeting to be held in 2008 in each the CBF and ABC Resource centers. We where working the one in the ABC Area. We attended the Meeting in Atlanta I have a picture of Trudy talking with Peggy Campolo. She and Tony'sr longtime friend Rev Jim Meek was a member of the church Trudy was pastoring and had ridden to Atlanta with us. I also attended the NBC regional meeting in Philly a couple years ago. I am disappointed tht we did not known about this next one sooner.

Trudy is already committed to teaching an Old Testament Class for the Capital Area and ABCNYS Lay studies Program, during that time frame. This will be her first experience doing a class that will also be live via Computer to churches in the region. As Co-Chair of the Lay Studies Program for our Association I need to be there also.
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