Harsh criticism of Obama from Center Left

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Harsh criticism of Obama from Center Left

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:43 pm

I liked Frank's book on Kansas; but I'm struggling with this one, still thinking it over:

http://www.salon.com/2014/07/20/right_w ... socialflow
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Re: Harsh criticism of Obama from Center Left

Postby KeithE » Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:28 am

Sorry Stephen for not reading this insightful article until now. It discusses what Obama’s presidential museum could say. Some quotes will suffice to bring key points to the BL front.

The task facing the makers of the Obama museum, however, will be pretty much exactly the opposite: how to document a time when America should have changed but didn’t.

Obama as the awesomely talented doctor who kept the corpse of a dead philosophy lumbering along despite it all.

Examples: Wars, Guantanamo, Immigration/Deportation, bailouts of the wealthy corporations, continued tolerance of lobbyists, middle class squeeze, lack of leadership in climate change/jobs/education/transporatation.

Why, the visitors to his library will wonder, did the president do so little about rising inequality, the subject on which he gave so many rousing speeches? Why did he do nothing, or next to nothing, about the crazy high price of a college education, the Great Good Thing that he has said, time and again, determines our personal as well as national success? Why didn’t he propose a proper healthcare program instead of the confusing jumble we got? Why not a proper stimulus package? Why didn’t he break up the banks? Or the agribusiness giants, for that matter?

Perhaps there will be an architectural solution for this problem. For example, the Obama museum’s designers could make the exhibit on the movement into a kind of blind alley that physically reminds visitors of the basic doctrine of the Democratic Party’s leadership faction: that liberals have nowhere else to go.

My own preference would be to let that disillusionment run, to let it guide the entire design of the Obama museum. Disillusionment is, after all, a far more representative emotion of our times than Beltway satisfaction over the stability of some imaginary “center.” So why not memorialize it?
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Re: Harsh criticism of Obama from Center Left

Postby Sandy » Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:17 am

Bill Maher is not necessarily one of my favorites, but I think he hit it head on when he said that President Obama should have pushed harder for his agenda during the first two years of his term, including a complete reform of health care, rather than the modified version that we now have, meaning the complete and total assumption of it by the government. He also said that he should have more aggressively pushed a lot of other things through, including his plan to tax corporations that move jobs overseas, dropping tax subsidies for oil companies, and raising taxes on the wealthy to levels where spendable income percentages were equalized. Maher believes that would have solidified his support, especially among the groups that are now expanding the Democratic base, like under 40's and hispanics.

Personally, I'd rather see flexible politics, and some give and take. The rigid, ideological stances that are now make many who serve in Congress afraid to think for themselves are paralyzing the government, and allowing it to be bought and paid for by contributors who have a lot of money.
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