Arminius, Pelagius, SBCPlodder, Calvin and Frank Page

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Arminius, Pelagius, SBCPlodder, Calvin and Frank Page

Postby Stephen Fox » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:28 am

The Frank Page challenge

Thornton has opened up again the Mother of All Worms on his SBC Challenge blog for Frank Page. I commented there and Dr. Thornton quickly redirected my thoughts.

Demint is a Calvinist at Redeemer Prez and Page is hardwired to one of his Tea Party boards. I think I am on to something.

OTOH, got to give Thornton credit. Genius of a blog marketting strategy to help him sell his backlog of commentaries :D :P :gavel: :wave:

For about four years now I have suggested to Frank Page,
Chadwick Les Puryear and whomever, even Larry King's former darling Albert Mohler, youcan't claim to speakto anything re Calvin without having a working conversation on the thoughts of Marilynne Robinson on the matter. To date SBC and Calvin debate is about as sharp as the Con Resurges at the Inerrancy Conference at Ridgecrest in 87
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