Ronnie Floyd on his candidacy and the SBC

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Ronnie Floyd on his candidacy and the SBC

Postby William Thornton » Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:25 am

In his blog, betweensundays he has an article " CLEAR...Even Though It Is Cloudy in the SBC World".

What is clear to him...
As I have been faithful to issue and lead in this call in our church and nation for years, I want to invite all Southern Baptist leaders and churches to join me in praying for a spiritual movement in our lives and churches that will usher in the next great spiritual awakening in this nation. It has been over 100 years, since our nation has had this kind of spiritual awakening. Why is this important?

This plodding pastor in the SBC hinterlands will likely not be more or less interested in revival regardless of what individual occupies the position of SBC president. I like Bobby Welch. He did as SBC prez what he did well as pastor, promote evangelism. I suppose RFloyd will do the same.

But the whole lesson of the last quarter century, and certainly of the last six months, is that the process of administration is not to be ignored. And, seems to me, RFloyd has not faced up to the 0.27% CP support level. For crying out loud Ronnie, face it head on and explain why your church's support of the traditional CP channel of gifts to the state conv., then on to the SBC level entities, is so low as to put your church in a negative CP mode, receiving more from the other churches (as a result of state convention benefits to staff) than giving. Elephant in the room (pardon the tired cliche)?

Page needs not explain anything about CP giving. Sutton has at least explained why his church designated to the TBC. Good for him, whether you agree or not.

I predict that Ronnie will not be able to drag that elephant he is chained to to victory in the SBC election next week. We'll see.
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