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Postby Joseph Patrick » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:34 pm

From Joseph Patrick...aka Gerry Milligan

The election of David Platt has caused some questions to mind...First, I have no doubt that he is a Man of God and an effective pastor. Those are givens. But when First Baker Cauthen and then Keith Parks retired there was a great deal of concern among active missionaries that whomever took over be "one of them." That practice was not completely accomplished with Tom Elliff, but he had been a missionary "briefly" according to many active missionaries.

Now, with the election of David Platt, I await what missionaries on the field are saying. For me, (and I am long gone from the field) I hope that he will revitalize what seems to be stagnant (no matter what the INFLATED figures say on the "Fast Facts" section of the IMB website.)

Grace and Peace Joseph Patrick (aka Gerry Milligan)
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