We Have a start date

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We Have a start date

Postby Ed Pettibone » Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:59 am

Back on Nov 2nd I wrote in the prayer request forum "indeed the church did extend a call and Trudy accepted.

"A firm starting date, has not been set, as they have some work they want to get done to the parsonage (sanding the hardwood floors and installing new flooring in the kitchen and half bath), between the time the interim leaves and when we move in. The master bath has had new flooring in the past three years. The house was Built in the 1970's.
We are aiming at Jan 3rd or 10th as a start date. As of Dec 22/09 we will have been here 6 years."

We now have a "firm starting date" it will be Jan 17 when Trudy first takes the pulpit of the ABC-USA church at Burnt Hills, NY. as the "settled pastor" of that historic congregation. ( In 2007 they celebrated 225 years of service.) In addition to the work listed above they will be doing some painting in the parsonage, between Christmas and the 14th of January and then on the 15th the "Merry Maids" are scheduled to clean the place from top to bottom. They are planing for us to move in on the 16th. Maybe I can persuade them to let us move in on the 14th before the cleaning. From Nov. 2nd until the word came yesterday, has seemed like forever. :) Before the move we will be taking our first vacation in 10 years that has not been connected to either a CBF or ABC-USA meeting.

We will be attending the International Bowl in Toronto Canada, on Jan.2nd, to watch Trudy's South Florida Bulls and the Northern Illinois Huskies. Last years International Bowl was between the Buffalo Bulls and the U.Conn Huskies. We are going to Toronto a few days early and will be there for New Years Eve. After the Game we will drop down to New Jersey to visit my aunt in Hightstown. January 10th will be Trudy's last sermon at North Creek, After that service the North Creek/Minerva Baptist parish is planning a send off luncheon for us.
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Re: We Have a start date

Postby Tim Dahl » Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:34 pm

Congrats to Trudy!!!!! Woohoo! Yahoo! Yay!!!!!!!! :D


That is very cool.

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