A must have book for ABC'ers & of intrest to others

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A must have book for ABC'ers & of intrest to others

Postby Ed Pettibone » Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:29 am

while my wife was in her first Pastoral experience as an Interim at Latham Community Baptist Church, Latham, NY One of the charter members died and his family donated a large collection of Baptist literary materials to the Church among this collection were multiple copies of The First Hundred Years of The American Baptist Publication Society. The church elected to keep one copy and the rest where up for grabs, after a few weeks, four remained and I asked if I could have one took one. I was told I could have them all, I wish I has accepted that offer. I worry about wearing this one out

I just discovered it is available in various forms on Amazon here is a description Found in the preface; copied from the Amazon website

This brief story of the first century of the Publication Society has a mission of its own. It is not put forth as a substitute for the larger history, Pioneers of Light, prepared by Pr. and Mrs. Lemuel Call Barnes and Dr. E. M. Stephenson, nor yet as a summary of that volume. Necessarily the circulation of the larger work was limited; the edition was relatively small, and was distributed within narrow circles. It was felt that a shorter history should be prepared, which could be more widely distributed, so that pastors and Sunday-school workers should have in their hands the story of the national organization which in a very peculiar sense is the pastors Society, the Sunday-school Society. For this reason the chapters of this little book were written. The author has availed himself, not only of the material presented in Pioneers of Light mentioned above and in the annals of the first fifty years of the Society assembled by J. Newton Brown, D. D., and published by the Society in 1856, but has searched the original records in his keeping as the Recording Secretary of the Board of Managers. The annals of the Society sfirst century brought together by E. M. Stephenson are incorporated here, together with the roster of names constructed by him, and published in Pioneers of Light. The opportunity has been used to correct some errors that unfortunately existed in the lists as they were first printed.
(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)
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