We are in Ripon Wi. , Near Green Lake

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We are in Ripon Wi. , Near Green Lake

Postby Ed Pettibone » Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:06 pm

Stopped Thursday in Imlay Michign, The town was setting up for Western Mich Fair Chain Motels filled or priced out of site,
ended up in an independent older small hotel, Spartan but clean, quiet, cheap ($48.00). went on up to Mackinaw City on Friday. This is a major tourist attraction tons of chain hotels with high prices but several older hotels that where built in the 40's and 50's. We ended up again in an adequate but Spartan facility. Actually a early 50's. toutist cabin built to serve construction workers at the Bridge site. Again $48.00 , Only problem was the Bright security light from the big Hotel next door shined though the drapes in our room. Finally we got the adjuster on the Venetian blind to work and pretty well took care of the flood light. I jumped ahead. Shortly after we got to town we took a jet Boat out to the Island where there is an old fort, and a Grand Old Hotel, there are no wheeled motor vehicles on the island. the only motorized vehicles permitted, are snowmobiles, when the lake is frozen over. Even UPS makes deliveries by horse drawn wagon. large Propane tanks are delivered the same way . We visited several Fudge shops (Best Fudge anywhere) and many souvenir shops, plus an old bark chapel built by one of the original Catholic Missionaries. We only saw the out side of the historic Congregational church but we where able to go into the Episcopal church built in the early 1700's. There are about 500 year round residents, living in small corteges and HUGE mansions. the shops, restaurants and hotels are maned largely by college students from allover the world the spend the summer in the older motels on the main land about half of the place where we stayed was filled with them. We found a great family restaurant where we had both dinner last evening and breakfast this morning. GREAT food and service reasonable prices for a resort area. The drive across the bridge this morning provided a great view of both lake Michigan and lake Huron, with two distinct shades of blue. I still have to to find out why that is. I really had not planed to ge this far today but construction at Appleton made it hard to get on and off the highway we where on. We will go out to Green Lake tomorrow to meet up with the rest of the NYS ABC group. About 12 of us. One or two will not get in till Wed morning. I understand that several of the missionaries are staying at the motel where we are tonight. A very nice privately owned facility. I got a pretty fair discount off of their $85.00 price. Trudy has been sacked out for a couple hours.
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