Back in the Saddle? See current Vanity Fair Halberstam artic

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Back in the Saddle? See current Vanity Fair Halberstam artic

Postby fox » Sun Aug 15, 2004 5:01 pm

I think the board going down was a closet fundy conspiracy to see which users had a high enough IQ to follow directions and get back up in posting paradise.
Obviously I am in the remedial group. I will never forgive you others for designing a test to embarass me like this. :) :) :)

:) But I'm up now. Find a copy of current VAnity Fair Mag and read Pulitzer writer David Halbertsam on Kerry and Bush and Vietnam. I think he has the definitive take and shows Swiftvote vets against Kerry for the donkeys rear ends they are. Read his final section of the article if you don't have time to wade through the other at you favorite library or book store.

It pretty much resolves the loose ends of the remarkable discussion we had on previous board before Bruce and Joshua and the IMF burned it.


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