Hanging My Head In Shame

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Hanging My Head In Shame

Postby Joshua Villines » Thu Aug 12, 2004 11:21 am

SQL databases can be tricky things, and, like certain cats, they don't always acclimate well to their new homes.

I was only able to get the database to partially restore; and ultimately realized that starting from scratch was better than a partial restore.


Welcome to BaptistLife at its new, speedier, larger home! (You can thank Bruce for that part. He footed the bill, I just did a little grunt work to ease his burden while he takes his comprehensive exams.)

For the regulars, please re-register with your previous username and e-mail address. I've turned on e-mail address verification to make sure that someone doesn't try to steal someone else's username. (No Jane, you CANNOT register as William!!!)

If you run into any technical issues, please post them on this thread and I'll get to them as quickly as I can.

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Postby mlovell » Thu Aug 12, 2004 11:40 am

I'm grateful you were ready, willing, and able to give Bruce -- not to mention the rest of us! -- a boost in getting BaptistLife back on line, Joshua. Thanks!

I seem to remember something Ecclesiastical which relates to that. Two are better than one -- if one has comprehensives, his friend can help him out, help carry the load. . . . Though one may be overwhelmed, two can cope. A strand of multiple cords is not quickly broken.

(That is, of course, the ML paraphrased version.) :D
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Re: Hanging My Head In Shame

Postby rickwright01 » Thu Aug 12, 2004 2:25 pm

Rick: Blimey, mate, nothing to be ashamed of at all - quite the opposite. You have accomplished what almost none of us could.

Oh... I might be able to get a server up and running... but I have never tried to set up a SQL server.


You rock. Accept it!
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Postby Norm » Thu Aug 12, 2004 2:34 pm

Surely Joshua if we can get along just fine without original autographs we can do just fine without the archive. You have done a wonderful job. Thanks.

Postby Bruce Gourley » Thu Aug 12, 2004 7:31 pm

Joshua, you are da' man! What a terrible week for the forum to go down on my end of things ... I much appreciate all the time you put into getting the forum back up and running. You mentioned you like Mexican. Looks like I at least owe you dinner at the Mexican restaurant of your choice in the greater Atlanta area.

I just got back home from taking prelims at Auburn. I am glad to have that behind me, although more prelims lie ahead.

Again, many thanks!
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Postby Joshua Villines » Thu Aug 12, 2004 7:51 pm


You're more than welcome, and congratulations on getting that hurdle out of the way.

I'm reading up on what might have went wrong with the backup so that this doesn't happen again.

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