Denial. But will he recover?

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Denial. But will he recover?

Postby Norm » Tue Nov 15, 2005 11:26 am

Bush's poll numbers are still tanking and he continues to surround himself with those that darken counsel, including himself (classic groupthink). The man is apparently all bottled-up, refusing to loosen his anger at Rove, Cheney, and self, and instead lashes out at Democrats in an incredible display of denial of responsibility and accountability. Mr. President you have sown the wind and now experience the whirlwind of ill-advised decisions. Your redemption is not in laying blame at the feet of others in the opposition party, rather it is in recognizing your leadership has largely demonstrated a moral bankruptcy at worse and incompetence at best. You have three more years to make us proud of your presence in the White House, but to do such you must mature and be presidential in the best sense of the position. Take responsibility and hold yourself accountable. In doing so you will realize that many in your administration must go, beginning with Cheney. Thus far your resoluteness has revealed a stubborn ignorance. A mature and insightful individual would realize it is time to be resolute on saving a presidency and preserving a democracy for those that follow our experience.

Postby Sandy » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:44 pm

This president has had his chances. Although he started out with less than half of the voters behind him after the 2000 election, and didn't make a lot of points in the rhetoric that followed over the way the votes were counted in Florida (he took that "it only matters if it benefits the other guy" approach), following 9-11 his popularlty and job approval rating soared. It has been on a downhill slide ever since. Once the fear wore off, and people had a chance to observe and see that the leadership wasn't of presidential quality, but had a hollow ring of self interest and was overloaded with cronyism, reality set in. It is pretty easy to see a puppet presidency these days, and the strings attached to GWB are all too evident. Dominant personalities in the administration like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld have their fingerprints all over everything. In the three years from the 9-11 tragedy to the 2004 election, he gained only a fractional percentage of support in the vote total after nearing 90 percent job approval in the wake of the disaster. If it were not for 9-11, and four hurricanes that displaced Florida voters and allowed him to hand out all kinds of FEMA disaster relief money (why were they so efficient in '04, and so terrible in '05??) he'd likely have been defeated.

His blaze of rhetoric on Veteran'd Day isn't anything new. It has been this administration's unsuccessful way of handling criticism from the outset, and it makes him look like a spoiled rotten rich kid who can't stand it when he doesn't get his way. From the numbers, it appears to be a strategy that isn't working very well.
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