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Re: Privatized Religion

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2019 3:52 pm
by James
JE, I appreciate your thinking of me. Right at the moment I do not remember if you and I disagree on much or little. I'm trying to get back in touch with the forum. As to the reasons for a lot of things, my brain cells are aging more quickly than they should be. Parkinson's or some similar disorder may take me home before my failing kidneys do. The kidneys are doing well right now and my neurologist reminds me that we are still some distance away from any diagnosis brain problems. I really do not worry about it all that much. I've been living on borrowed time since age 18. God can take me any time He,She,It wants me.

I do think that the Church Universal, if it is possible to use such a concept anymore is so fractured that we do have to define and expound on what kind of Christian we are before we can have a conversation with someone about our faith. I do know that HBC, as we identify ourselves, is the only church of which I have been a member in which an almost agnostic and a fundamentalist/literalist can debate scripture and at the end of the Sunday School class hug each other and make peace.