What is moderate Baptist these days. FBC Huntsville Testcase

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Re: What is moderate Baptist these days. FBC Huntsville Test

Postby Sandy » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:35 am

Their online newsletter on their website gives the financial figures. I'm looking at their global mission giving in their e-newsletter. $98,000 for Lottie Moon, $14,000 for Global Missions which is CBF. If they're doing mission giving by designation, that's an indicator. A listing of churches and their gifts in the Alabama Baptist from 2017 shows them giving just above $100,000 to the state convention CP, so if their annual budget, so if their undesignated giving in their newsletter is an annual figure, that's about 8%.
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Re: What is moderate Baptist these days. FBC Huntsville Test

Postby KeithE » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:16 pm

Kudos to FBC-H especially Travis Collins and Mike Pearce. I’ve seen it mentioned on MSNBC (just as a “Alabama church”).

Alabama church handed out $16,500 to hundreds of furloughed federal workers

Our church has focussed more on blankets and food offered to the incredible Grateful Life Church (GLC) helping the homeless during the cold weather this last weekend. While looking at this FB post, I was surprised to see a comment from a bridge partner of mine Flo Staggs who said

Grateful Life performs a service to our community like no other. Shelter, food and a safe place to sleep when the temp. Is unbearably cold. You may even bring your dog. Who does this? We support such an act of love and compassion!! Those who worked on Saturday enjoyed the fellowship and the accomplishment of making this program work a bit easier. we will continue this effort ..Thanks to all.

In fact I asked Flo to play bridge with me this morning (my regular partner being sick) but she declined with a “previous commitment” which very well may have been at GLC - it was 22F last night.
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Trevor Collins interviewed on NPR

Postby Stephen Fox » Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:43 pm

Today, Tuesday on Here and Now for Trump's shutdown relief to the federal workers in Huntsville area.

While he is to be applauded I never saw FBC give this much attention to the draconian immigration Bama bill in 2009. On that they were about as struck mute as the 8 white ministers to whom King sent the letter from the Bham jail.
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