Will anyone even listen?

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Re: Will anyone even listen?

Postby Jon Estes » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:44 am

Sandy wrote:
Dave Roberts wrote:The double standard especially of 45's evangelical triumvirate of Graham, Jeffress, and Falwell, is showing that their moral judgment is subject first to their politics.

I don't recall ever hearing, "He's the commander in chief, not the pastor in chief" from any self-proclaimed Evangelical leader regarding Clinton.

This is about perception, nothing more. The image that most people have of Evangelicals comes from what they put out on the media empire that many of them have built, and on the high profile personalities who get themselves in front of TV cameras. There's already a general perception, due to some of the more eccentric personalities, that they are intellectual lightweights with their heads in the clouds who are easy marks for scams. Put that together with the obvious inconsistency of their support for a politician who is steeped in the stereotypical sinful lifestyle they abhor, in every way, and you can see why the perception is what it is. It doesn't appear that these people take their faith as seriously as they do their right wing politics. What credibility is there in their preaching?

What self-proclaimed (or current day) Evangelical leaders who stood against Clinton when he was President is now standing for Trump?
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