Sept 11 Event in Louisville

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Sept 11 Event in Louisville

Postby JE Pettibone » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:51 pm

August 18, 2017

By Aaron Weaver

DECATUR, Ga. — As faith communities seek ways to confront the scourge of racism and the presence of white supremacy in the aftermath of Charlottesville, Cooperative Baptists — pastors and lay leaders — are invited to join African-American Baptists for a special gathering focused on racial reconciliation and justice September 11 in Louisville, Ky.

The event is the first of a series of three summits to take place over the course of the next three years as part of The Angela Project. The Angela Project aims to assist African-American institutions and promote African-American prosperity, and will commemorate the 400th anniversary of black enslavement in the United States in 2019.

CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter encouraged pastors and lay leaders from across the Fellowship to join in this historic effort alongside two major national Baptist conventions.

“This is an opportunity for concrete action toward justice and reconciliation,” Paynter said. “There are Charlottesvilles in many other places. We cannot rewrite history or undo the past, but we can seize a new future that strengthens our families, schools, businesses and churches. We lift up deeds beyond words.

“Let’s be the better future. Show your commitment by showing up. Faithful voices are needed.”

Ed; We hope to work this into our trip, Have some things to do (visiting family) in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana between now and then.
Would like to meet up with some of you if we make it
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