Jordan Peterson challenges Identity Politics

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Jordan Peterson challenges Identity Politics

Postby Stephen Fox » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:51 pm ... on/567110/

An orthodox Catholic PHD cousin of mine brought Peterson to my attention a couple weeks ago. Sent me his book for free. She is such a disciple she flew down from Alaska to Wheaton College a month ago for a workshop where Peterson was the celebrity Presenter.

His Chapter Seven as I have blogged with reference to Marney, on the staying Power of the Christian Tradition well thought through for Western Civilization is strong.

I would love to be somewhere in Jordan's presence for three days with Marilynne Robinson. She has a conversation with Obama in the print version of her collection of essays, The Givenness of Things. They are shooting at the same target it seems to me but their followings politics are diasporic.

Peterson was at the Aspen Institute a few weeks ago.

So that and the Atlantic, seems to be a Player the CBF and Alliance cannot ignore.
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