Two Questions About the Republican Party

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Two Questions About the Republican Party

Postby Haruo » Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:27 am

1) Who do they think they are?

2) Who do they think I am?

What triggers these questions is a letter (Non-Profit Organization rate: 8¢ postage) I received today. No return address on the envelope. Through the window on the front of the envelope it said
SPECIAL NOTICE: You have been selected to represent
Republican Voters in Washington's 7th Congressional District.
This is not a U. S. Government document.


Census Document Registered To:

Mr. Leland B. Ross
my street address
Seattle, WA 98178-xxxx
and on the envelope below the "US POSTAGE / $00.08" it said

The letter inside, from Michael Steele, said
Dear Mr Ross,

Strengthening our Party for the 2010 elections is going to take a massive grassroots effort all across America.

That is why I have authorized a Census to be conducted of every Congressional District in the country.

Enclosed is your official 2010 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS registered CODE #S10HR098 in your name as a representative of your area.

Your registered Census is one of a select few being mailed into Washington's 7th Congressional District.

Because of your high level of political involvement and steadfast commitment to the Republican Party, your personal input on the questions presented in your Census Document is critical to our Party's future. […]

So please Mr. Ross, take a moment to answer the important questions contained in your 2010 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CENSUS and do your best to get it back to me at RNC headquarters by May 17th.

And when you send back your completed Census, I urge you to also demonstrate your

(Over, please) / Page Two

commitment to the Republican Party by including a generous donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 — or even $500 […]
I'll give them a few points: there doesn't appear to be a single exclamation point in the document. A lot of use of boldface, some increases in font size, and some underlining, but nary an exclamation mark. Surely a similar appeal by the Democrats would have dozens. And they pushed the plea for money back onto Page Two (of three), though they then repeated it twice more (always with the same uncreative list of possible amounts: "a generous donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 — or even $500". The enclosed "Census Document" (which has a lot more, and more interesting, questions on it than the actual 2010 Census had) is four pages long, filled with real policy-related questions that are not even particularly slanted in their wordings, for the most part, and ends with a section called "CENSUS CERTIFICATION AND REPLY which basically consists of a reiteration of the fund-raising appeal, this time calling it "my most generous contribution" and reversing the order of the amounts, so we start with $500, and work our way down to "I cannot send a donation at that level right now. But I am enclosing $15 to help defray the cost of processing my Census Document." Hey, how come the Treasury Dept. didn't think to ask for money while they had my attention last April Fools' Day? ;-)

Finally, "I do hereby certify that the answers to the enclosed 2010 Congressional District Census are my own. /S/ {date}"

Boy, it's almost as official as the certificate-suitable-for-framing the American Legion sent our cat Harry thanking him for his wartime service.
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Re: Two Questions About the Republican Party

Postby KeithE » Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:23 am

Haruo wrote:1) Who do they think they are?

2) Who do they think I am?

1) God's gift to America
2) A random person
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Re: Two Questions About the Republican Party

Postby Neil Heath » Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:41 pm

I got a similar mailing today. (Mine also came non-profit rate, Haruo, but for 11 cents.) My version is called the Congressional District Survey. Its cover letter is filled with rousing, highly biased and polarizing rhetoric about the Dems and how they are ruining the country with every step they take. All the survey questions choices are "Yes / No / Undecided". with no place for comments. The last question asks if I'm ready to support candidates in my area and donate to the cause. Even has a place for credit card information.

Here's the hilarious part: "As one of our Party's most dedicated and trusted activists, your views and opinions on this survey will be used to represent thousands of Republicans in your congressional district."

I had no idea I was an activist! I've never been to a Party event of either party, have never given them any money, have answered phone surveys in a decidedly non-committal manner, etc. I'm not registered as a Republican (or Democrat) as far as I know. So-o-o ...if I'm one of their "most dedicated and trusted activists" ...they ARE in deep trouble! In fact, this might explain a lot.

I will return the survey, and hope my answers will give them reason to take me off their mailing list. If nothing else, it will cost them the return postage. Deliberately distorting survey results is a little hobby of mine. The rebel in me doesn't like to be pegged or labeled. Please understand, I'm not being partisan in doing this either. I'd like to get off Dem. mailing lists, too, but they never send me anything.

On second thought, I may send a note with the return that might help get me off that mailing list. :)

Dear Chairman Steele,

Thanks so much for your recent letter and survey. It was much appreciated. I'm getting ready to plant my garden this spring, and any additional manure you could send will certainly be put to good use.


Neil Heath
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Re: Two Questions About the Republican Party

Postby Dave Roberts » Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:43 pm

I love it, Neil.
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Re: Two Questions About the Republican Party

Postby Neil Heath » Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:55 pm

Dave Roberts wrote:I love it, Neil.

Thanks, Dave. It's in the sealed envelope ready for pickup with tomorrow's mail. To be sure they understood my position on the issues they verbally caricatured, I checked Yes, No, and Undecided on every one. ;)
Neil Heath
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Bama Oped

Postby Stephen Fox » Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:31 pm

can help here ... sPageAyers

And Marsha Blackburn stunned with question about Freedom for the Tea Parties last Sunday on Meet the Press
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