Nomination by Acclamation

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Nomination by Acclamation

Postby Haruo » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:47 am

I see several states' GOP presidential primaries and/or caucuses are slated to be canceled, not surprisingly with the Trump campaign's support and perhaps at its "request". Apparently this is intended to deny even the slightest toehold to the challenges being mounted by Walsh & Weld. I was going to get excited about this, but then I read that several states have done likewise in several previous election cycles for the benefit of incumbent presidents of both parties, including Reagan, Clinton, Bush I and Obama. I don't recall hearing about that at the time. In one case it was even Iowa, normally foaming at the mouth with its eagerness to hold its famous caucuses.
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Re: Nomination by Acclamation

Postby Sandy » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:29 pm

It may depend on the state. I know here you can get on the ballot with 5,000 signatures and a birth certificate and if they have a candidate, they have a primary. I wouldn't expect either Weld or Walsh to have trouble getting that many signatures and meeting a ballot deadline. The nominate by acclamation may be an attempt to avoid the embarrassment of having another candidate run against a sitting president and the possible number of votes they might get. I wouldn't expect either one to win, but I would expect their vote totals to be embarrassingly high against a man whose ego can't handle that kind of opposition. He's going to have a real problem handling it in November of 2020 when "any Democrat running" not only gets enough electoral votes to win, but goes well over the 50% margin of popular vote and gets a mandate. Walsh claims it is because Trump support is not as solid, even among Republicans, as he would like people to believe.

There are a lot more crossover states out there now than there used to be. Trump's campaign may be trying to avoid having to run in primaries where there may be a lot of Democrats who cross over to vote for one of his opponents. I certainly will.
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