A Double Standard?

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A Double Standard?

Postby Joseph Patrick » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:51 pm

From Gerry Milligan...In 1998 the Southern Baptist Convention issued its seminal “Resolution on Moral Character of Public Officials”: “Tolerance of serious wrong by leaders sears the conscience of the culture, spawns unrestrained immorality and lawlessness in the society, and surely results in God’s judgment.” The SBC now is demonstrating a double standard by supporting Trump and not calling him to accountability; they did so with Bill Clinton. Their double standard is weakening their witness to the youth and young people our country
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Re: A Double Standard?

Postby Rvaughn » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:06 pm

I understand your point about the disconnect between the language of the “Resolution on Moral Character of Public Officials.” Nevertheless, let me push back with a few observations from a not-in-the-SBC-not-a-Trump-supporter.

  • In the long view of things, a 1998 resolution represents the opinion of the messengers at the 1998 Southern Baptist Convention, and not necessarily any before or after.
  • While a number of prominent Southern Baptists (e.g. Jeffress, Falwell, Graham) have been ardent and vocal supporters of Donald Trump, a number of others have been serious detractors. I am not aware that the SBC as a body has sanctioned support of Donald Trump. (If not, then the SBC is not demonstrating a double standard, just some people in the SBC -- particularly those who supported the 1998 resolution and are now die-hard supporters of Donald Trump.)
  • I can understand those who held their noses and voted for Trump, thinking he was the better of the two main choices. I cannot understand those who talk like Donald Trump is a top-notch Christian gentleman.
  • Despite technicalities of whether this is a true double standard of the SBC, it is nevertheless often perceived so -- and likely does weaken their witness to the younger generation in this country.
A couple of other good statements in the resolution:
"...many Americans are willing to excuse or overlook immoral or illegal conduct by unrepentant public officials so long as economic prosperity prevails..."
"...RESOLVED, That we urge all Americans to embrace and act on the conviction that character does count in public office, and to elect those officials and candidates who, although imperfect, demonstrate consistent honesty, moral purity and the highest character."
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