A point worth making about Niebuhr and this Trump Moment

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A point worth making about Niebuhr and this Trump Moment

Postby Stephen Fox » Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:10 pm

https://rewire.news/religion-dispatches ... 1-misstep/

This one is hard to digest and I wish it could be said more Lincolnesque, but maybe we are past Lincoln in a faith dystopian world. I'm not sure what the parable is about the NRA that allays the fears raised today on NPR Fresh Air about white extremism, white nationalism, and Trump's dog whistles. The Fearful new normal

I am bent to have The Dying of Whiteness as my next read. I still have great affection for the blue collar people who put food on my table in Gaffney SC from 62-78. How do you embrace that memory and fight the menace of Trump and Adrian Rogers legacy knowing in your gut for all your mother and father's prayerful, earnest efforts, almost all the children of the folks they baptized are now in the Trump column.

Niebuhr has a great quote to set off the last chapter of Jill Lepore's These Truths, the recent history of America with the great quote by Frank Norris who said he was born fighting in the dog fennel.

Hope some of you read it
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Re: A point worth making about Niebuhr and this Trump Moment

Postby William Thornton » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:36 pm

Totally unintelligible. About right for my old friend.
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