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Re: America's New Religion

Postby KeithE » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:40 pm

Sandy wrote:
Jon Estes wrote:So tell Us Sandy... Wh would you have recommended those evangelicals who voted for and support Trump to have voted for?
And keeping your definition... how they could also have supported your choice?

There never has been, and never will be a perfect candidate. The only unblemished life I'm aware of was Jesus, and he wasn't running, nor did he endorse a candidate that I noticed.

Hillary Clinton's position on most issues reflects a positive perspective on humanitarian and economic issues. There are a few areas where we disagree, including her position on abortion rights, but as I said, I don't let politics dictate my Christian perspective. On most other issues, her position is more humane and more consistent with a general "Christian worldview" than that of Trump or the Republicans who are more interested in advancing their own personal prosperity than they are in the interests of the country or its people. As far as making a comparison of her faith to that of other candidates as a criterion for support, Hillary Clinton is a lifelong member of the United Methodist Church in which, by her own testimony, she received Christ as her savior during her confirmation. She has been accused of many things and investigated by Republican committees more than any other American politician. Her opponents turned up nothing anywhere that justifies a label of "corruption." Being a lifelong member of a church and regular in your attendance doesn't save your soul, but it's hard to claim to be a Christ-follower when you won't even darken the doorway of his house. And we at least have Hillary's tax returns, showing that she is also a tithing member of the church.

Trump has been a con artist for most of his professional life, a title he celebrated and used to his advantage. Most of his politics can be classified from his perspective as schemes for his own enrichment. He was corrupt in his business dealings, owns clubs where women remove their clothes and dance for money, casinos where people gamble, has been married and divorced three times, has admitted to numerous affairs while being married, bragged about two of them, has been convicted of fraud, paid off at least two porn stars to buy their silence, and was caught on national television in a conversation that reduced women to sex objects. I don't see much there that preaches well from an Evangelical pulpit, at least, not in the way I interpret what it means to be "Evangelical." Nor do I see his economic policy as consistent with Christian values.

I wouldn't have voted for Jill Stein, nor would I ever vote for a libertarian. If Bernie Sanders had been the nominee, he'd have had my vote. As big as the GOP field was at the beginning, I don't think there was anyone in that field I'd have voted for with the possible exception of Marco Rubio.

Other than I did vote for Stein, I agree wholeheartedly.

Rubio was right - Trump is a con artist.

Trump promised new found wealth for the middle class and to get out of the Middle East - he has done neither. He also said he would build a wall and make Mexico pay for it - that has not happened either (though he is trying).

It is past time the Republicans and other supporters end that support and demand his removal.
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