Fact Averse President (and much of the Nation)

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Fact Averse President (and much of the Nation)

Postby KeithE » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:36 am

Trump Says He Was 'Fully Briefed' and Also 'Not Briefed Yet' But Either Way Saudi Crown Prince 'Absolutely' Not Involved Because Trump Knows 'Everything That Went On' Without Listening to Tape of Khashoggi Murder

Just days after the CIA leaked to the Washington Post its determination that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, was directly involved with the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Donald Trump said in an interview that aired on Sunday that the prince had "absolutely" nothing to do with it and that he would not listen to the recording of the assassination given over by the Turkish government. ... Trump said in the interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. "I know everything that went on in the tape without having to hear it."

But America’s Aversion to Facts Didn’t Begin With Donald Trump

It’s easy—and not wrong—to think that truth is in dire danger in the era of Donald Trump.

His own record of issuing breathtaking falsehoods from the exalted platform of the White House is unprecedented in American history. So is his consistent refusal to back down when a statement is proven false. In Trump’s world, those who expose his lies are the liars and facts that show he was wrong are “fake news.”

In this war on truth, Trump has several important allies. One is the shameful silence of Republican politicians who don’t challenge his misstatements for fear of giving offense to his true-believing base. Another is a media environment far more cluttered and chaotic than in past decades, making it easier for people to find stories that fit their preconceived ideas and to screen out those they prefer not to believe.

In effect, this story strongly suggests, Trump’s thought process (if you can call it that) boils down to: I am right because I am always right.

Lots of people absorb facts selectively and adapt them to fit opinions they already hold. That’s human nature. But the president’s ability to twist the truth, consciously or not, is extreme. So is his apparently unshakable conviction that no matter what the subject is, no one knows more than he does, which means he has no need to listen to anyone who tries to correct his misstatements. In a person with his power and responsibilities, those qualities are truly frightening.

That widespread and deep-rooted failure of critical thinking in American society today has helped make Trump and his enablers, like other liars before them, successful in the war against truth.
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Re: Fact Averse President (and much of the Nation)

Postby Sandy » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:36 am

But, Keith, some White House staff members are having worship services in the White House. God uses evil men to accomplish his purposes. He's against abortion. Both sides are guilty.

Just putting in all of the standard arguments and getting that out of the way. (BTW, the barf smilie isn't working)

Our educational system is geared toward business, so events of the past century are forgotten, and the consequences of the loss of the ability to discern truth, which includes undermining the free press, are forgotten as well. The issue in question involved a country where there is no free press and a murder was committed to silence the truth. And the current President of the United States is standing against getting to the truth because he is bought and paid for by the Saudi royal family.
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